April 7, 2011

Invader Zim - Super Kaiser

Song: Super Kaiser
Artist: Garcon
Program Used: Sony Vegas 7

This was made...Gawd...late 2008 - early 2009. It was one of my very first videos made in Vegas. Never posted it. I was just messing around and getting use to the program. But I found it on one of my external drives, dusted it off and have finally decided to upload it - however I'm sure majority of you will find the song rather weird (unless you're from the ID world forums)
In the land of Maharaja
Planets war is burning up
(Hero hit! hero hit!)
Break it down
In the middle of the fight
When you elad the new attack
(Hero hit! hero hit!)
Speed around

(Fire ball)
The aliens kill the world
(To the wall)
No one is strong enough
(I can't fall)
My last countdown to keep out fighters
from the lost universe

Super kaiser, go! go! go!
Hot and bold, hot and cold for the human race you go
Super riser
King of all machines
Cosmic power in my gasoline

Let me dive into the space
Have to save the human race
(Hero hit! hero hit!)
Save my town
In the land of Maharaja
Speed up baby your attack
(Hero hit! hero hit!)
Shoot around

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