April 7, 2011

Multi Series - What I'm made of

Song: What I'm Made of
Artist: Crush 40
Date Posted: Sept. 10th 2006
Program Used: Windows Movie Maker

This bloody thing's so old I can't find the original description I wrote in 2006 anywhere on my old websites. I wouldn't even be posting this, but it's part of my history, so...

This was like my...7th video I think. (Not going to post my first videos ever made - most of them have fanart and I've grown some respect over the years). My first video was made in 2005 - it was a 'ShadAmy' couple video for the Sonic series. If you remember it, you get all the cookies in town!

lol, it's so terribly edited XD it's bad!!

Whatever, I'm going to make a new video to this song in the future - it'll be 100,000x better.
(Coming Soon)

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