April 4, 2011

Sonic - Fire to the Eurobeat

Song: Fire to the Eurobeat
Artist: Tam Arrow
Date Posted: Jan. 23rd 2007
Program Used: Windows Movie Maker

One of my more famous videos, and the one that caused the most hell to make.
-I had to take every single screen shot used from scratch, which took awhile. Because I was going to use split second video clips, but the WMM kept crashing.
-The video had to be redone over and over due to some other errors.
-My PC, that I was using at the time, kept shutting off during the saving process.

So I had some serious chaos ensue with this one, but it was all worth it.
Especially now that my PC's fixed.

This video tributes to every character featured in Sonic 2k6. 
Don't be so crazy
Don't be so lazy
My lovely baby
You dance to eurobeat
The rhythm is my passion
Give me hot emotion
Join to my fantastic fun

Everybody's dancing, I feel alright
Come on into the disco till the night is over
You can live, oh babe, in paradise
Till the morning dance around

Because my heartbeat is on fire! fire! fire!
Fire to the eurobeat
Fire! fire! fire!
Fire to the eurobeat

Don't be so crazy
My lazy lady
You want me ready
To run onto the stage
The rhythm is on fire
Music, my desire
Baby, light me up tonight

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